1. Access quote requests under Quotes > Requested

This will take you to any requested jobs you have waiting.

2. Select the request you would like to quote on.

Click on the Job Title to view its details, and provide your quote once you have reviewed this information.

3. The request page will show you basic information on the job, including:

  • Quote request title and job number

  • Property address (clicking this will take you to Google Maps)

  • Property manager and agency

  • Stars - your current rating

4. Select an estimated date and time for both the start date and finish date for when you can complete the work.

5. Select your necessary entry, key and date options over on the right. These options will take effect once your quote has been approved.

6. If a photo is required upon completion, or a note has been added, they will be in bright red text under the date area. 

Clicking on each of them will take you to the section where you can add the image or view the note.

7. You can view the description of the job by clicking on the ‘Description’ section.

8. Quote - Work Items

This section is where you create your quote. If you need to set up a meeting with the tenant or property manager at the address to take a look at the job before you quote, go to step 9.

If you don’t need to set up a meeting and you are ready to send a quote to the property manager with prices and work items, you will need to fill out this section. The steps for filling out this section are listed on the Creating a Quote page.

9. The ‘Images / Additional Info’ section shows any additional information, images or notes that have been attached to the request.

10. You can add images or notes by clicking the buttons on the right.

11. To add a note, click the ‘Add Note’ button and a pop-up box will appear. Add the note and select who you want the note to be sent to in the ‘Notify’ dropdown box, and click the ‘Add Note’ button.


12. If you need to attach any supporting files, such as a word document, excel sheet or PDF, click the ‘Add Attached File’ button.

13. You can view the full job history of the property by scrolling down the page, or, by clicking the ‘Job History’ button - a pop-up box should appear with the details.

14. Contact details for the tenants and property manager are under the ‘Contacts’ section.

15. The buttons at the top and bottom allow you to:

  • Cancel - Cancel the current action and go back to the previous page.

  • Assign - Assign the job to a team member (you must have team members set up in your settings).

  • Reject - Tell the property manager you can’t do the job. It will ask you for a reason.

  • Add Note - Shortcut to add a note to the quote.

  • Schedule Quote - Once access is arranged with the tenant, click this button to schedule an appointment to quote.

  • Intend to Quote - Let the property manager know that you intend to quote for this job.

  • Submit - Send the quote to the property manager.

  • Save - will save your changes for later.

  • Printer - Print a PDF worksheet to take on site.

The Creating a Quote page will show you which steps to follow to create a quote and send it off for approval.

Understanding Quote Requests in OurTradie - Video

This video will guide you through a Quote Request in OurTradie. 

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