Below is an example of a Maintenance Request you may receive. This is the full details page of the request.

Review all details and action the request with the buttons at the bottom of the page.

Approve: Click to approve the request. The request will either be sent to the Property Manager to select and submit to a tradie Or if a tradie was already selected, the request will be automatically sent to the Tradie as a workorder.

Reject: Click to reject the request and add your reason in the popup window. Please note: the tenant is advised of your rejection reason so ensure it is tenant-friendly.

Instructions: Click to add your instructions for the job in the popup window.

I will repair: Click to indicate that you will attend to the request yourself. The tenant an property manager will be advised. You will need to mark the job completed once you have attended.

Request quotes: Click to request the property manager to arrange quotes for your consideration.

Cancel: click to cancel-out of the request and go back to the previous page.

Request Breakdown

Job Name: Job title give to the request and helps you to quickly identify the job.

Property: The property address for which the request has been submitted

Origin: Who created the request. This can be from the Tenant or Property Manager. If you submitted the request for maintenance the origin will show Landlord.

Relationship: If the request is related to/connected to another job in the system it will display the relationship type and the connected Job ID.

None: No relationship has been selected
Follows: This indicates the request will follow the completion of the selected Job. once the previous job has been completed, this Follow job will be created and offered to the tradie.
Precedes: This indicates the request has been selected to be completed before the select Job.
Warranty Fix for: This indicates the request has been created as a warranty claim for the selected job.

Offer or Quote: This will indicate if the request has been created as an Offer (workorder to do and charge) or a Quote (request a price indication from a tradie).

Request Breakdown Cont...

Notes: This is where you will see all notes added to the job. You can add your own notes too, by clicking the 'Add notes' button.

Type your note in the popup window, select who to notify (an email will by sent to those you select) and click 'Save' to add your note to the job. Please note: if you want the tradie to be able to see your note, make sure you select to notify the Tradie.

Urgent: This indicates if the request has been marked as urgent or not

Work Items: Details in this section will be created by the Property Manager to ensure each item is addressed separately if they require.

Frequency: This indicates how often the job will be automatically generated for the selected tradie. One-off indicates the job will be created only the one time. Any other frequency will indicate how often it will be offered to the tradie - eg- weekly, monthly etc.

Quote/Offer Expiry: This is the date for when the offer or quote request is valid for the tradie. If the select tradies have not accept by this date, the request is returned to the Property Manager for further action.

Job Due: This is the date for when the job has been requested to be completed by. 

Earliest Start: This date indicates the earliest possible date for when work can commence.

Request Breakdown Cont...

Images and Videos: Any photos and videos added to the request will be visible in this section. Simply click on any to enlarge a photo or play a video.

Related files: If any documents have been attached a blue clickable link will appear. Simply click to open and view the attached file.

Attached files: If any documents have been attached a blue clickable link will appear. Simply click to open and view the attached file.

Contract: If any documents have been attached a blue clickable link will appear. Simply click to open and view the attached file.

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