The property detail pages can be accessed either by clicking on the address int he Rental Snapshot from the Summary page or by clicking the My Properties link from the top menu.

The My Properties page will display all of your investment properties with all the detail you will need. Click on More Detail to view all current maintenance jobs, the maintenance history and more finance details.

The first column:

Displayed are Tenant names, Current rental amount, the date the original lease started, the current lease dates (click current lease to open the lease details), the tenant's paid to date, and if the tenant is up to date or in arrears.

If further details are available this section will also display if the property is water compliant and when the last inspection was conducted. Smoke alarm details will also be listed and will indicate if your property is compliant to the state's laws and when it was last inspected. And if your property has a pool, you can see if the property is compliant or not.

The second column:

The To Do list are actions you, the landlord, need to process for that property. These actions could be to approve a request, approve a quote, review and approved a lease renewal recommendation and more.

Inspections displays the inspection history for the property. Click on the blue links to open the inspection report. You can seen when the latest inspection was completed and when the next inspection is due. If the next inspection has been scheduled a blue link will appear ' I would like to attend' - click to advise the property manager.

The third column:

The Finance Snapshot shows you the monthly income, expenses and funds withheld. You can select previous months with the dropdown menu under 'Finance Snapshot' and you can view and then download detailed statements straight from the portal.

Water Invoices shows you all outstanding tenant invoices, a brief description, the amount still to be paid and when the invoice is/was due. This will help you to better track your unpaid tenant invoices.

More Details:

Clicking on More Detail at the right of the property card in My Properties will open the full details for the property including a list of current and completed maintenance as well as more finance details - simply press 'Click to open' to expand each section.

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