The OurProperty Landlord Dashboard give you a quick view of the latest and upcoming inspections for your investment portfolio. You can also advise you will be attending and easily open each report for your review.

Click the 'View Report' link to open the interactive report directly within the portal.
You can also download a PDF version of the report by clicking the 'Download' button at the top right corner.

The property report is separated in to each room and all comments and photos for each room are grouped together for quick and easy review.
Each photo is in full colour and can be clicked to enlarge to view a high quality image.

There are two icon at the top right of each photo.
Click the tool icon to create a maintenance request refering directly to that photo and area of the report. This will help both the property manager and tradie to understand your request and the exact location.

Click on the phone icon to request a call back from your property manager for the selected photo and area of the report.

All maintenance requests created from the inspection report are listed at the bottom of the report. These maintenance requests may be merged to fewer, similar requests and referred to you or submitted directly to a tradie.
You can see the status of all maintenance jobs in the property detail pages.

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