After the initial import and setup process, property manager accounts can be created two ways: automatically from the trust program if properties are assigned to that user in trust and manually within OurProperty.

If you need the user account to see across portfolios, view agency reports and schedule inspections on behalf of another user, you will need to create an Office Admin user - follow this article.

Automatic creation

If you have created a new property manager in your trust program and assigned properties to that user, their account will be created automatically during the next sync process (over night).

Manually create a PM account

To manually create a property manager account, you must be logged in as the Office Manager account to have access to this feature.

1. Once logged in as the Office Manager account, mouse over Admin fro the left side menu and click on Property Manager

2. Next, click Add Property Manager

3. Complete all the details for the new user and click Create account.
For help on assigning roles, please read this article.

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