If you need to create a Property Manager user account (the pm assigned to properties in the trust program), please read this article.

To create a property manager account, you must be logged in as the Office Manager account to have access to this feature.

1. Once logged in as the Office Manager account, mouse over Admin fro the left side menu and click on Office Admin

2. Next, click Add Office Admin

3. Complete all the details for the new user including the Extra Role if required.
For help on assigning roles, please read this article.

Extra Role

Admin: This is the default role of the Office Admin. This user will be the primary role you will require. This role can access all jobs for all portfolios and can be assigned roles as required. Use for general PM assistants.

Agency Principal: This user role grants access to the 'top level' reports and agency dashboard to view status of arrears, vacancies, loss, gained and more.

Team Leader: 

Manager Admin: 

Super PM: 

4. Once all details and the Extra Role has been completed, click Create Account

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