This article will teach you how to create a payment plan for tenants in arrears. OurProperty will monitor extra payments for you and if the tenant defaults on their payment plan, OurProperty will reactivate the arrears process from when the payment plan was created (it will not start from scratch).

You can view and monitor existing payment plans in Arrears > Reports > Payment Plans. Visit this article for more details: View and Monitor Arrears Payment Plans

1. Open any arrears task for the tenant in the To Do or Sent tab.
Open the task by clicking on the Task title, Task icon, the Notes icon or the Printer icon.

2. Scroll to find the Payment Plan $ field.
Add the Dollar amount you require the tenant to pay EXTRA on top of their regular rental payments.

3. Once you click outside of the Payment Plan $ box extra selection options will appear.
Select the Frequency you require the Extra amount to be paid and select the Start date for the payment plan using the Commencement date selector.

In the example above, $50 is required to be paid EXTRA each Week (Frequency) on top of the tenant's regular rental payments. This payment plan Starts 22 June 2018 (Commencement).

OurProperty will monitor the rental payments receipted to the tenant and check if the extra $50 per week parameter has been met.

Note: if the tenant pays an extra $100 1 week and nothing extra the following week, then the $50 per week extra has still been met. 

4. Select the Completion Condition - what determines if the payment plan has been fulfilled.

There are 2 completion conditions:

Arrears - This will consider the payment plan to be completed when the arrears amount reaches $0

Actual Paid To - This will consider the payment plan to be completed when the tenant's actual paid to date is equal to or greater than the current date. Use this if you need the tenant to be on a payment plan until they have paid the rental period in full (weekly, Fortnightly, 4 Weekly, Monthly).

If the tenant does not follow the payment plan and defaults, OurProperty will reactivate the arrears process for the tenant and create the required arrears actions from when the payment plan was created.

5. To process and create the payment you must add a note in the red box and click 'Add'.

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