OurProperty can help to automate smoke alarm compliance for property managers giving an agency that much needed peace of mind.

Initial Data Collection

If they are available, we will request smoke alarm details from your existing service provider - such as Service Contract Start and End dates, and the Last inspection date for each of your properties.

Next, we cross reference your provider’s details with the details in your trust program -  such as your recorded inspection dates, invoiced dates and more.

All of this data is collated to get an accurate compliance overview for your portfolio.

OurProperty then uses this data to generate Annual Service Contracts and Smoke Alarm Inspection Jobs to ensure your entire portfolio is serviced and compliant.

How It Works

The Annual Service Contract is automatically generated at the same time each year for your service provider without any input from a property manager.

This ensures each and every property is not overcharged and is  covered - just like insurance.

And the Smoke Alarm Inspection Jobs are also automatically created and offered to your service provider as per your state’s laws.

Whether that is for an inspection once per year, at the start of a new tenancy, start of a new lease or any other requirements.

You can also send your own ad-hoc service requests if needed.

OurProperty will help to ensure your portfolio remains compliant at all times by automating the compliance process giving you that much needed peace of mind.

Watch our other videos in this series to learn more about OurProperty’s Compliance module.

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