If a Tenant has reported a fault with their smoke alarm or the smoke alarm is missing or faulty at your inspection, OurProperty provides you with the option to send an Ad Hoc service request to your provider.

Please Note:

If the property does NOT have an existing contract, this process will also create and submit both the contract and service job to the tradie for their action.

If there IS a current service contract then this process will automatically update the next service job for the tradie as per the details you input in the AdHoc request.

Video Explanation

Step By Step

1. Mouse Over ‘Go Ahead’ from the left side menu and click on ‘Smoke Alarm’

Note: Do not request a smoke alarm job through The Go Ahead > New or Request > New 

This will create a standard job which will not be connected to a contract or existing service job.

2. Type part of the property address in the address field and click on the correct property from the search results. This will connect the service job to the property.

3. Select the Service Type from the dropdown menu - by default this will be ‘Smoke Alarm Contract and Inspection’. Consult with your provider if you are uncertain.

4. Add a description of the issue 

5. Select your provider in the tradies list.

If the Property already has an existing provider through OurProperty, they will already be selected for you.

6. Edit the date for when the Job is Due.

7. Select if the service request is urgent.

8. Once you are happy with the details in your request, click on Submit to send to the selected tradie.

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