Not receiving emails from a sender? Sometimes your email provider will identify emails as ‘spam’ even when they come from a legitimate sender. 

Technology can be fickle, that’s why we have 2 easy ways to make sure you always receive your emails.

1. Mark the message as ‘not spam’ in the spam folder

In Gmail, go to the spam folder, select the email and then either select ‘Not Spam’ or click ‘More” and then ‘Not Spam’.

In Outlook, go into the junk folder and right-click an email from the sender you want to mark as safe. Select ‘Mark as Not Junk’ and make sure the ‘Always trust email from sender’ button is ticked when the pop-up message appears.

2. Add the address to your contacts list.

To add the email address as a contact in Gmail click on the profile logo in the top right-hand corner and click ‘Contacts’, and then ‘Create Contact’ over on the left-hand side. Add the email address and save it in your contacts.


To add an email address in Outlook go to the ‘People’ tab in the bottom left corner, or the 3 dot icon, then select ‘New contact’ in the top left-hand corner. Add the email address and click save.

If you're still not receiving our emails after the steps above, ask your IT support provider to whitelist emails from the and email domains.

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