You can store all your documents pertaining to tenants, landlords and the property in the Document Manager button under the client card.

Simply click the Purple Document button

Click the purple button to display the drop-down list of document types. Choose a document type from the list and it will display in a pop-up screen.

To add a document click the purple Documents + option at the top of the list and a pop-up screen will appear. Choose the document type from the list and fill out the rest of the information. 

Note: you can only upload the supported files listed at the bottom of the pop-up box.

Property Card - Document Manager

The document manager in the property card shows all of the following document types. Click on a document type and it will open the document in a pop-up box.

At the top of the document manager pop-up box you can use the drop-down list to switch between documents, click the + button to add a document, download the document, or view the document history for that tenant, landlord, or property.

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