Due to the continuing situation with COVID-19 there have been many requests from tenants for Rent Adjustments for those affected.

To help you better manage this for your tenants, we have stopped updating REST with the Mid Term Rent amounts from the Lease component.

Any rent adjustments you have made in REST will now be secured and will no longer be overwritten by the lease component.

Any Mid Term Rent changes moving forward will need to be updated manually in REST for the time being. This is temporary until the situation is normalised.

If needed, the automatic Mid Term Rent update can be turned back on.

However, if the update is turned on again there is a possibility that the lease processed in OurProperty will automatically update the rent to the Mid Term Rent amount as per the lease. This may affect any rent adjustment agreements you may have with your tenants.

If you would like the update process to be turned on again, please contact us.

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