Just like the OurProperty platform is a one-stop-shop for property managers, the OurTradie platform is an all-in-one tool for tradies to manage their business.

In this article we'll go through the top features your tradies need to know in order to start using OurTradie and sending you invoices through the system.

A checklist to get started

When onboarding your tradies don't forget to do the following:

  • Tell them invoices will not be paid outside of the system

  • They won't be able to invoice for a job unless it was processed through OurTradie

  • They can't submit an invoice unless their payment details are up to date

  • Notify them of the OurTraide fee your office will charge them

  • Remind them that learning new software is always a challenge, but once you get started it will become a lot easier

  • Show them the Help Page we have packed with how-to articles and troubleshooting guides

Ok, let's get started!

1. Adding Tradies in OurProperty

First you'll have to add your tradies into OurProperty and send them a welcome email. This is easy and can be done from the Admin Page in OurProperty.

Here's how to add tradies and send them a welcome email

The welcome email contains their login details, so make sure you don't skip this step!

2. Logging In

After your tradie has been sent their Welcome Email - containing their username and password, they'll need to log in.

Here's an article explaining how to log in for tradies

3. The Dashboard

Once logged in, tradies will see their Dashboard (or Home Page). It contains an overview of their invoices, quotes, and current work statuses.

Here's an overview of the OurTradie Dashboard

4. Setting Up Their Company and Profile Details

Tradies will need to setup both their company details, and profile settings first.

Here's how to set up Company Details in OurTradie

Here's how to set up Profile Details in OurTradie

5. Setting up Payment Details

For tradies to be able to submit invoices they MUST have their payment account and card details entered correctly. There are two payment details they need to supply: an account to have heir invoices paid into, and a card to debit their tradie fees from.

How to enter an account for invoice payments

How to enter a card for fee payments

6. Understanding the Requests

The first thing your tradies will need to learn is how to review and accept a job request or quote request that you have sent them.

There are two types of requests you can send a tradie:

A quote request - asks them to send you a quote first for a job.

A job offer - gives them the go ahead to start a job, if they want the job.

7. Quote Requests

After tradies have received a quote request they will need to either use the supplied videos/photos from the tenant (if they took any) to write up a quote, or they will need to schedule an on-site quote with the tenant and/or you.

This article shows tradies how to view and accept quote requests

And this one shows how to process and submit a quote

8. Job Offers

Job offers will be sent to tradies if the job doesn't require a quote, or if you accepted their quote and you want them to start work.

Here's an overview of Job Offers in OurTradie

And here's how to process a Job Offer

9. Invoices

Once a job is complete and you and the tenant has approved the job, the tradie will be notified to send you an invoice.

Here's how to create an invoice in OurTradie

10. Finishing Up

There are many other features in OurTradie, such as integrating with other accounting softwares, creating quotes with selectable options and extras, printing job sheets, and even adding team members!

This Knowledge Base is full of articles to help you and your tradies understand the OurTradie platform better. Just search an article or have a flick through - you never know what you will learn next.

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