1. Select "Communication" from the left-hand menu, next to the Easter Egg Icon. You may have to scroll down or zoom out to find it.

2. Select "Generate Application" from the sub-menu.

3. This will take you to the 'Generate Application Form' page.

4. In the text box next to the property address, start typing the address you want to generate the application for. Suggested addresses will come up - select the correct one when it appears.

5. In the Viewings manager section, select the relevant property manager.

6. Once you have made your selections, Click the Generate Button Icon.

7. Long and short URLs will be generated, which are specific to the address you have selected.

8. The Short URL is the one we suggest you use within your marketing, or to send to tenants, to keep your advertising succinct and easy for the prospective tenant to copy.

9. All application links will be saved in the Generate Applications page - so simply go back to the first page to view them.

10. You can test the link by copying it into your browser and ensuring it opens up onto a page that looks like this. This is the application form for tenants to complete.

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