OurProperty aims to ensure your agency has their routine inspections compliant and when one falls over due, we are able to provide you with the Inspection Compliance Report accessed through the Home Page > Compliance > Inspections.

From this page you are able to view at a glance properties falling under Non-Compliant for the following reasons; No Inspection Due, Overdue but Scheduled, Overdue and Unscheduled, Unsent Reports.

The headings are able to be clicked to show what properties are falling under each category only.

We are also able to filter properties which have no inspection required for reasons like; Lost managements, Vacating tenancies, Flagged, Marked as do not inspect, an excluded property type (frequently used for land, commercial etc). This means that you won't be trying to make properties "compliant" that do not require the standard frequency or process for routine inspections.

Click the printer icon to print the report, or the Excel icon to download the CSV file of the report.

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