Follow the steps below to setup to accept XML Marketing feeds from OP Marketing Hub.

OurProperty Settings

Your Office Manager account will need to access Settings > Tenant Acquisition > Advertising Hub

Enter your REA Agency ID, Username and Password to allow for XML uploads to REA.

REA XML Uploader change

Log in to with your REA admin log in details.

  1. Click on 'XML Uploads' from the left side menu

  2. Click on 'Change my uploader'

3. Complete the REA 'Submit a Request' form with all details as the form requests. Some special mentions below:
Ensure you have 'Change My Uploader' selected

4. And ensure your agency ID is correct - this should auto-fill for you.

5. Select 'Some Listings (and use Agent Admin)'

6. Enter '' in the More Info section and submit the form.

An REA representative will respond and discus this update with you.

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